Our companies in depth product knowledge, established quality orientated supply base and accredited technical systems, enable us to meet all the requirements that our  customers in the manufacturing sector demand.

We can quickly  work on the supply of  current requirements as we hold an extensive quantity of seafood items within the UK. We have the  experience of developing new ranges and specifications from the point of inception and have helped many of our  customers fulfil their requirements on the  supply of  new products.

Our suppliers are accredited and regularly audited ensuring a consistency of quality and supply over any contractual  period.

Our experience helps us  to recommend product solutions for any variety of fish and shellfish from around the world. Our aim for both new and established products is to help our customers improve the quality and competitiveness of their seafood ingredient range. 

As well as having an expanding variety of farmed seafood we source an extensive range of responsibly managed and caught wild seafood.